Style Flush Doors - Adding a New Twist to Your Exteriors

Style Flush Wall Doors offers several advantages over other types of doors. They offer the advantage of having flush paneling along the frame, so there is no gap for dust, debris or water to accumulate

Flush Wall Doors

Pullout Flush Doors

This creates a clean, fresh look for your home, and makes it more attractive to visitors. Style Flush Door also offers the convenience of opening the doors from both sides, just like a pullout drawer on a desk. You can close them behind you, without leaving a visible gap in the walls.

Flush-Mounted Doors

Style Flush Wall Doors, like all flush-mounted doors, are manufactured using high quality materials. The interior wooden cover is precision stained, sanded and finished to an aristocratic glaze. All hardware is stainless steel. The rails are nickel plated. All panels are assembled using the manufacturers’ framing techniques.

Wall Doors

Nice Wood Wall Doors

Style Flush Wall Doors have styles that will match any decorating plan. You can purchase them in any wood finish you wish. They look very nice in a light pine colour, or in a dark mahogany color. Some people love their wood stained doors, while others prefer the clear polished doors. No matter what color you choose, you can be assured that you will have Style Flush Wall Doors that will make your interior decorating ideas come together beautifully.

Style Flush Wall Doors

There is no insulation used in the manufacturing of Style Flush Door, and this makes them even more energy efficient. These doors are sealed inside, so there is no need for any interior weather stripping, even on the exterior of the doors. They are completely enclosed, so you will not need additional heating, or cooling duct work in order to keep them looking nice.

Decorating Flush Wall Doors

If you are in the mood to do some interior decorating on your own, there are some wonderful books on the market today that will help you get started. If you choose to go the route of unfinished doors, you can find great styles at many of the local furniture stores that carry home improvement books. Once you have your doors installed, you can then start to do your own interior decorating using the ideas above.

Wood Flush Wall Doors

There is no need to worry about these doors retaining their shape over the years. Wood rot cannot damage them. If you want to paint them, you can use any color. The wood grain in the wood will naturally deepen with time, but you can match this color with your interior decorating scheme. Just don’t choose colors that clash with each other.

Flush Wall Doors

Modern Flush Wall Doors

A person’s interior design style can be quite different from another’s. The same can be said for the types of doors that are available. If you have a more modern interior design look, you will probably like the crisp, clean lines of the stainless steel Style Flush Wall Doors, or the sleek and modern look of the nickel finished panels.

Wall Doors

Beautiful Antique Doors

If you have an antique style interior, you will want to choose the more intricately crafted wood paneling. There are many beautiful antique doors that are available today, and they are made using the same kinds of woods that were used over 100 years ago. The finishes on these antique doors are stunning, and if you have the room for them, you could hang an antique clock on one of them. Another idea is to use stained glass on your doors. The glass can be done in many different colors, and the effect of using it to create a new interior design will be greatly enhanced by the stained glass paneling that you choose.

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